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What if dreams became perfumes? What if dreamers entrusted perfumers with their olfactory and sensory images experienced during sleep… This would create a collection of original, untamed and full of character perfumes.

Olfactory dreams are still rare and hardly heard of. Those who experience them tell of an intense sensation, tenfold compared to reality, and carrying a rare emotion.
One must be particularly attentive to the world of odors, connected to this network of sensations to have the chance to dream bigger, stronger, in odors.

We believe that these dreams, because they are rare and unique, have an olfactory and artistic inspiration potential.

So we came up with an idea never seen before, that of making olfactory dreams the starting point for perfumes.

These perfumes, dictated by the unconscious and the imaginary, would have an unprecedented dimension and would encourage those who would wear them to expand their imagination.

Today, we are collecting the stories of these dreamers to create a collection of perfumes. What if you told us yours? Perhaps it could become a liquid dream…

If you want to join our olfactory dreamers community and participate in this unique adventure, please contact us and tell us your dreams recalls at story@olfactory-dreamers.com

About us: Dreams and perfumes are made of the same fabric. NEYDO builds bridges between these two worlds to reveal identities and travel into new territories. The dream fragrances of the NEYDO collection will amplify this feeling of escape to reach a new world, where rules are different. The name, NEYDO, is shared with a Buddhist monastery in the Kathmandu Valley. Like the monks who practice noble silence to quiet the mind and speak with greater intention, NEYDO is a brand that encourages people to find beauty and truth in the unspoken. Wearing a NEYDO fragrance is a silent invitation to see into an individual’s true identity and deepest desires through scent.

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