A Fra­grant Dream Diary (Part II)

In this series, discover the dream diary of a character whose dreams are regularly crossed by scents, and through her entries, wander in the mysterious unconscious of an olfactory dreamer.

August 16, 2023

After being haunted for a few nights by the smell of roses, which reminded me of Grandfather, I was wondering if I could consciously smell in my dreams. I have always been fascinated by the idea of lucid dreams. The prospect of controlling not only the situation but also the sensations of a dream is exhilarating! But smelling something in your head, even when you are awake, is not that easy…

Last night, falling asleep, I thought about the smell of lavender. It seemed logical to start with a scent I know well, one I can imagine and almost smell in my mind without it being present. It’s still a challenging exercise. The concentration it required of me delayed my falling asleep. I woke up this morning feeling disappointed: not only did I not smell anything, but I don’t even remember if I dreamed at all. I guess it will take some time and practice!

August 26, 2023

For ten days now, every night before falling asleep, I have been repeating the exercise of mentally smelling a perfume. I often choose lavender, but I’ve also tried lemon, mint, and even rose, which seems to hold some power over my mind. Until now I had not managed to perceive the slightest scent in my dreams, and none of them had anything to do with these smells.

But last night, while I had given up on my exercises, tired from a particularly stressful day at work, the familiar smell of freshly cut grass entered my nose! Or my brain, I should say. I was barefoot in a garden. Each blade of grass released a green, vibrant scent, full of joyful memories. Maybe training all these previous nights finally paid off!

August 27, 2023

Feeling encouraged by the crisp smell of grass from the previous night, I decided it could be more efficient to imagine and picture a situation in which smells could arise, rather than a particular smell before falling asleep. So last night, I mentally toured the stud farm where I used to practice horseback riding. The training ring, the riding school, the stables, the tack room, I reviewed everything in my mind, down to the minutest details. 

I can barely recollect the dream that followed. But I’m pretty sure I caught, for a swift moment, the characteristic scent of the saddle pad when you take it off. That warm, lively scent of leather, grease and horse sweat I would recognize anywhere in an instant. Perhaps there is always a bit of nostalgia attached to the smells we smell in dreams… It sure seems that way so far.

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